Hip-Hop Dance


Hip-HopHip-Hop Dance

The Bronx in the 70’s was a rough, dangerous place to grow up. The youth were surrounded by drugs, crime, poverty, gang violence, and overall struggle. Yet they, particularly the African American and Latino youth (minority groups), were at best neglected by mainstream institutions. Desperate for a way to escape their everyday struggles, they invented their own art forms.

These art forms, which the youth embodied in the way they dressed, talked, moved, and expressed themselves, soon became a lifestyle. A way to live.

This lifestyle and culture became known as Hip Hop.Despite the negativity and tumult in the South Bronx, Hip Hop heads were able to rise above their environment and create a positive form of release. Instead of substances and violence, their energy was
redirected to values like originality, creativity, identity, respect, and community. The same way that our religious, ethnic, familial backgrounds inform our way of being in the world, Hip Hop was the way that people could be in a way that felt right to them. Deejaying, Emceeing, Breaking and Dancing, and Graffiti weren’t just hobbies, they were sanctuaries. As much as the art forms within Hip Hop have evolved over the decades, the core tenants of the culture remain. Hip-hop dance is a broad category that includes a variety of styles i.e.: breaking, locking, and popping. They became established, and four new dance styles appeared.

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