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April 27, 2021by akanksha

I’m back in Bangkok after a glorious moment in Chandigarh as “Awards winner” for preeminent contributions to education, culture and peaceful resolution of disputes by international Arbitration!
I have never been treated so highly since I started my AsIAfrica journey.
Being recognized and rewarded is empowering!
It’s the best encouragement to keep going and sharing🤗
My trip was a tremendous success beyond expectations…
Memories of a bonfire with @Aakanksha Mamgain and @Viva Dance Studio students, salsa, Indian dances, Bollywood, popping, kizomba, culture…
Ride around Chandigarh to enjoy @dhabba street food!
Expedition to Chandigarh markets to find the best cuff links …
awesome discussions on Indiafrica cooperation with some of the brightest people introduced to me!
New chapters for AsIAfrica foundation!
I’ve rarely been so happy and hopeful!
But there’s so much more to do that no vitamins would be enough to power my drive and energy
According to the legend in West Africa, when Shango needs to increase his powers he eats fires, gold and tobacco!
Excuse me!
I will be back to serious mode again soon 😁
Thank You!
Modupke Alafia